Losing your firearm – what procedures to follow

lost firearm procedure

WHAT PROCEDURE TO FOLLOW WHEN YOU’VE LOST YOUR FIREARM If the owner of a firearm should realise that he or she has lost his gun, the person should immediately act in accordance with the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000) and the relevant regulations. According to section 120(11) of the act, every […]

Wet op Gesinsgeweld

wet op gesinsgeweld

Wet op Gesinsgeweld: Wat Behels Dit? Lees die volle artikel deur Hein Gonzales op Maroela Media. Maroele Media Meningsvormers

TAPA 2019 conference to be held in July

Firearm law vs. criminal law

The South African branch of TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) will be holding its annual conference at Emperor’s Palace, Gauteng on 26 July 2019. Among the presenters will be Hein Gonzales who will speak on the topic ‘Firearm law vs. criminal law: Know your rights!’ Gonzales is an admitted attorney with the right of appearance […]

SU Convocation elects 3 new Council members

SU Convocation elects 3 new Council members

Three new members of the Stellenbosch University Council have been elected by the Convocation of the University: Adv Jan Christiaan Heunis, Prof André Coetzee and Mr Heinrich Gonzales. These three members will serve from 2 April 2016 until 1 April 2020. Click the button below to access the article. Stellenbosch University Council

Community ‘very happy’ after man accused of Siphokazi Booi’s murder denied bail

man accused of Siphokazi Booi's murder denied bail

Heinrich Gonzales, who is acting on behalf of an advocacy group, Action Society on the organisation’s watching brief on this case, said even though the accused enjoyed the presumption of innocence entrenched in the Constitution, that was still a small victory for justice regarding gender-based violence in general. Click the button below to access the […]

The division of assets in divorce

division of assets in divorce

The division of assets on divorce How your assets are divided in the event of a divorce is determined by the type of your marriage property regime. Marriage in community of property If your marriage involves community of property, all assets owned by you and your spouse prior to the marriage, as well as all […]